Cirque Du Slots

Cirque du Slots game is so clearly made as a Cirque du Soleil homage that it is hard to miss. Anyone that has even remotely been exposed to what that is can appreciate what that means. It all looks amazing, has a nice circus vibe to it, but with a certain sort of classiness and magic to it that you would not see you at your typical local fare. None of it feels cheap, everything is well produced, and we think that of all the games we've ever seen try to make a spot like this, this one is clearly the best!

Rival gaming is known for making a lot of things, but this one definitely takes the best elements from their many games and compounds them all together. There are bonus rounds they give you free spins features, lots of money that can be had with a single bad, coin sizes that are all over the place for any budget, and the usual five line set up. It looks lovely, plays well, and will have players right at home if they've ever played one of the other titles by rival gaming.

If you are interested in a jackpot that goes all the way up to $15,000, having enough free spins to keep you playing long into the night, and want a visual style that is downright hauntingly beautiful, this game offers all of those things and more. It's almost like sitting Center stage in Vegas for a night show, only here, you have the luxury of being paid for your presence. And that way, we probably prefer this one so the actual Vegas show itself, as that one is rather pricey, and no one ever bothered to appreciate us for showing up by giving us $15,000!

What You Can Expect

If you have any knowledge of Cirque du Soleil, then you know exactly what the graphics are going to be like here. Everything looks like a classy version of a big top clown affair, with lots of dancing themes, and clowns thrown in. It looks like a huge celebration, covered in glitter, and all kinds of cute contrasting tones. The different purples and yellows all go together very well, and it has a hauntingly beautiful vibe to it.

More than just a pretty face on a lovely body that's shaped like a clown, this game has game play that is good enough to keep you interested as well. Even if the theme itself had been instead change to poop, this would still be a very fun game. It has the usual number of reels and pay lines that you are used to seeing from rival gaming, being five and 25 respectively, but it also throws in some bonus rounds that give you free spins. Your bets are worthwhile during these times, and the amount you win will surely increase every time they show up!

It's also a nice jackpot of a cool $15,000, which is not as high as some of them that we've seen, but definitely ranks right up there with the best of them! The game is also set up into different acts, which basically amount to the bonus feature. These change the way that the free spins operate when they come up, and make it feel somewhat like an actual video game more than just a slot. They make the game as much fun as a circus itself, and are a nice additional feature to a game that could help otherwise gotten monotonous if you played for too long!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we mostly enjoyed this game and have a little to complain about, we would have loved if they would have added a few more features that had to do with the theme. If the bonus round had a bit of circus flair to it, for sample, that would have been pretty nice. As it stands, we love the modes, but would also have loved a progressive jackpot rather than the standard one.

We also wish that they would have done away with the suits of cards, as the visual richness of the circus has so much to offer them that it would have been easy to give us more to see.

General Style and Presentation

Much like the source of inspiration of Cirque du Soleil, most things here are a dark mixture of purples, greens, and nice vibrating yellows. They have a very pulsating and magical look to them which makes it feel like you're being taken away to another world. It looks wonderful, and makes it all have a very nice tone. It is perfectly matched to the circus itself, giving it a high class aura to it, and not feeling all that cheap like most circus's nowadays.

Summing Up the Game

Cirque Du Slots is probably one of the only games themed after Cirque du Soleil that we have ever played, and even then, would be a nice one regardless of the novelty of it. The bonus rounds are separated into acts, which have you choose how free spins themselves will operate. This, in addition to the $15,000 jackpot, keeps things vibrantly interesting. The game play itself is fairly standard, but the bonus rounds, graphics, and the usual goodness that rival gaming is known for, keep things more than adequate to hold your interest. We would have loved a progressive jackpot, but find ourselves perfectly satisfied with what they have put together here. If you are a fan of the show in Vegas, have no idea what it is, or simply looking for a well-made game, this one has you covered. Everything here is a joy to play, and it looks like they had a lot of fun making it, much like the actors and actresses in the circus show itself!