Ten Times Wins Slots

With a name like this, you're going into this one was very high expectations. Most games have a decent pay rate around here, but Ten Times Wins puts it's heart on its sleeve and put it right in the title. Having played it a while, and seeing what it has to offer, and lived to tell the tale, we can tell you what you were likely coming to this review to find out: you really do win in quite a bit here, and we came to love those 10 X symbols the longer we played it!

This game, aside from that title claim that it completely lives up to, is all about taking what classic slot machine games did well back in the day, and re-doing them for a modern audience. Everything here is very crisp and high definition, flies by very quickly, and is impossible to misunderstand. We feel that this is the best of both the old and the new, them having captured something really wonderful here, and making us happy that we have a chance to play it.

There are three reels, and unlike others, three lines to bet on here. In addition to that, you can bet a maximum of $90 for any spin, and the coin sizes go from a penny to what you're probably used to. Everything that rival gaming does is here in full effect, giving you a fast paced way to win money in your free time. With the simplicity of this game, the amazing art style, and everything else that makes it works so well, this one would be harder for us not to recommend, which is what we were obviously going to do one telling you to go play it!

What You Can Expect

If you looked at the game and thought that it was a classic slot, you are of course correct. Everything here is designed for people that loved that era of gaming, particularly around the clearcut graphics and the generally high pacing of the gameplay. Here, they add to that a few other features that makes it more than worthwhile. You can bet on more than one line, which is nice, and that also triples the winnings that you would normally be able to put down, putting down $90 at most for a spin. When the multiplier symbols start rolling in, you'll be happy that there is a jackpot as well, as the total amount you can win really does get quite up there if you've been playing for a while!

Aside from that, and you have one of the best renditions of the classic Vegas slot machines. It is very simple, very fast, straight to the point, and has a nice sense of polish and finish to it that makes you know that it is a high budget affair. It makes us feel safer when we play it, it looking like it really cares about the players, and accordingly, the amount of money that we all end up winning in these games!

What They Could Have Improved

One thing we definitely wish we could've done in this game is put down some more money. It is nice to be able to bet in the small amounts indicated, but given that you can win 10 times what you're trying to bet, it would have been wonderful to really break the bank and take some risks. Sure, you can always play for a little bit longer and hope for the best, and it does mathematically even out in the end. Despite that, we would have enjoyed being able to put down say $300 for a spin, because in our experience, we actually ended up winning quite often!

Your mileage will vary we suppose, but you'll likely feel the same way because of how often this game actually seems to pay out. We almost wonder if it was broken while we played it, because it seem too good to be true! He sure to go play at a soon as you can in case it actually was broken and they ended up fixing that!

General Style and Presentation

This game is very crisp, clean, and has nice, bright, and saturated colors. It doesn't look quite like the old Vegas games, but rather a lovingly done version of them that polishes them up and makes them sing for modern players. There are also wonderful gold trappings and bars around the whole experience, which makes it feel very high class and sophisticated. They clearly knew what they were doing hair, and despite it being one of the simplest games you will see, ends up looking far better than even the intricately painted ones that you often see.

There's also a bunch going on on the screen at any one time, which makes it feel fast, frenetic, and a little more alive. We really love that aspect of it, as classic slots can sometimes get a little bit stale. This game never does, and we easily put down many more hours playing it then we would have if that were not the case!

Summing Up the Game

Ten Times Wins Slots is easily one of the most well done classic slots you will see on the Internet, and ends up giving you 10 times the amount you would normally win quite frequently. We at first thought that that was too good to be true, but having one quite a bit, we can safely say that we were pleasantly surprised! If you would like to feel the same, the only one stopping you is yourself. It is easy to sign up, easy to jump in, and with just the click of a button, you could be walking away with multipliers coming at you so frequently that you will wonder if something is wrong!