Alien Spinvasion Slots

We have played many games about aliens in our day. We have also played many games about the war, battle, and being taken away. We don't often see them come together in the online casino world, which makes Alien Spinvasion slot game a refreshing breath of sunshine in that space. It has wonderful graphics, a theme you're not going to see elsewhere, and ends up paying out far more than you would expect given the way that looks. It is admittedly a little rough around the edges, but we feel that in the end, that adds to some of its charm. The UFOs seem to have one mission, which we love: to take away all our money troubles!

Even if the game didn't look pretty, however, it's still plays very well. The bonus rounds here give you enough for investing in that you almost wish you could share them with others, the play lines go all the way up to 50, and there's nothing cheap about the way any of it works. The bonus round in particular comes up very often, and you can win some impressive multipliers as well. You can match the planet earth for 250 times your bet, for example, which if you put down as much as you can, is going to let you retire early almost instantly!

Even if you are not a fan of aliens, and just want a good way to pass the time, we still think this game would fit the bill. It is well-made enough that even if you hate aliens you can appreciate it, the graphics are unlike anything you're going to see anywhere else, and the general novelty of it all is enough to make you smile. Even if you end up only giving it a try briefly, we do think this one is a gem that deserves your time. Go, fire, and be taken away to a galaxy full of riches, treasures, and an amazing addition to your bank account!

What You Can Expect

We have to admit, the game does look a little rough around the edges. If you were to just look at the screenshot of the game, it almost looks like the graphics are something from the Stone Age, having a hard texture to them, and potentially being cheap. We can assure you, however, that this is not the case! The art style of the graphics is actually very pretty once to start playing it, and it grows on you pretty fast. They were clearly going for something different, took a lot of risks, and in the end, we think that it all worked out.

The game play here is pretty standard fare from what you would be used to seeing from rival gaming. They are one of our favorite slot providers, and never fail to impress. Although in this outing you will be matching things like UFOs, astroids, and alien eggs, everything you would come to love and expect from rival gaming is still here to support you. There are multipliers, wild, free spins, and bonus rounds to boot. Everything is wonderfully done, accessible to the players new and old, and definitely a good entry point if you've never played slots before.

What They Could Have Improved

As well rounded as the packages, we do think that some of the graphical elements could probably use an overall. The title alien, for example, is absolutely butt ugly, and a little bit repulsive. We understand that that is kind of the point: sometimes aliens look pretty weird. Personally, however, it almost made us not want to play the game. It look like something cheap from the 90s, and had a generally aura of oddness it seems to be based on. It still looks great once you start playing it, and you don't actually see that same kind of graphic once you actually get going, but that was our initial impression, and we think many other players would probably be put off to when they saw it.

We would also be remiss if we did not mention the complete lack of progress of jackpots. We feel that without a progressive jackpot this one that was let out of the oven a little too quickly, although we did enjoy the rest of the game quite a bit. The multipliers alone had us winning about as much money as we normally would, and we can't complain too much here. It's still would've been great to have them, however, as always!

General Style and Presentation

This game almost looks like an old 3-D version of the Flintstones cartoon. That's hard to say, but we think you'll agree once you see it! Everything is 3-D render it in a well enough style, and the textures all have a somewhat spongy look to them that might seem out of place. This ends up being endearing once you actually play it, however, because there's nothing else quite like it, and it actually doesn't look too bad. It's all taking place over the backdrop of a floating earth, has all kinds of bright colors that a five-year-old would probably enjoy it, and that general vibe permeates everything about the game.

Summing Up the Game

Alien Spinvasion Slots is a game that is way better than it would think based on the screenshots, plays pretty well, and ends up giving you multipliers rather than jackpots. The betting amounts aren't that substantial, but the frequency of the free spins and the stakes involved make it more than worth the price of admission. This is a five-year-old's dream if they were ever into aliens, and seems almost like an adult version of something a kid would come up with. We recommend playing it immediately and not worrying about the strange image on the cover. This one is a gem, you'll have a good time, and it is well worth a spin or two!