Midas Touch Slots

We are not entirely sure why the legend of Midas is supposed to be a tragedy. Maybe we simply didn't learn a lot from it, but we personally think that it would be amazing if everything we touched turned to gold. We would certainly have a very careful time when we unzipped our pants to use the bathroom, but other than that, we think it would be wonderful. Give us some really nice gloves to put on to keep from turning our friends, family, and dog into stone, and everything would be great!

Joking aside, Midas Touch slot game doesn't really do a whole lot with that theme, instead opting for a rather strange grab bag worth of imagery that ends up being pretty nice once you see it going. You would not expect that given the title, or what you see on the cover image, but that's what ends up awaiting you should you give this one a chance. Rival gaming tends to pay out pretty well, which is also true here. You won't be winning giant jackpots, but you will see all kinds of coins coming your way. This one is a middle of the road game in that sense, the maximum bet only going up to $45, and the lines you can bet on only number in at three.

If you're interested in a fast-paced, classic, simple game, this one definitely turns to gold in all of those ways. It captures everything about all time Vegas slots that we enjoy, does it with a playful theme you would not expect to accompany it, and has a nice sense of style once the reels tend to get going. You won't win a lot at once, but you will end up walking away a winner thinks that the higher pay rate. If that's not enough to get you to try this game, we're not sure what will!

What You Can Expect

Everything here is a little bit different then you would probably expect going into it based on the title and the title image. Most of this game actually is a collection of fruits, flying around on simple reels with not much to do. The concept we assume is that when you match them, some of them turned to gold. This is interesting, although not really all that visually enticing as you might expect. The theme in this where is someone at odds with the presentation, which took us some getting used to, and we almost wondered if we had understood the game as we started playing it.

Rival gaming took a very different tactic on some of their other titles here, keeping things very simple with only three reels. The graphics here are clearly three dimensional and well done, but everything else is as if it was in Las Vegas back in the 50s. You will not see any overly large jackpots, which is strange given a game that was named after turning things to gold, but you will get many wins, and keep yourself playing long enough to see your wallet grow!

What They Could Have Improved

The simplicity of this game is obviously one of the things they were trying to go for here. We do enjoy that, and that has its place. That said, however, we wish this game was a little more involved. There's not much in the way of free spins, bonuses, or anything of that kind. The longer we played it, the more boring it actually seemed. We do enjoy the fact that it won quite a bit of money for us, and has a higher pay rate. That does not seem to make up for the fact that it is a rudimentary, however. A lot of games play very well, and pay out decently. This game only focused on one of those, and ends up feeling a little stale if you try to play it for too long.

If you only ever play slot for a short amount of time, none of this will matter to you in the slightest. If you're the kind of person that likes to lose a night or weekend to them, however, this one will probably be suited to be part of a rotation one played with other games, but will never be the main course.

General Style and Presentation

This game looks like it was made fairly quickly, using assets from other games, and came together just well enough to give it a title. It doesn't look bad by any means, but it's largely a collection of random fruits, a purple backdrop, and a title I meant holding it all together. We like the animation of the terms turning things to gold, but that really is the only interesting thing about the way that it looks.

It's not bad, it's not cheap, and we don't dislike it, but it definitely does not show the level of polish that many other games around here clearly demonstrate.

Summing Up the Game

Midas Touch Slots is a game for people that want something simple, like to play at a rapid pace, and don't mind the artwork and the same being a little undercooked. This game definitely turned our bank accounts the gold, and for that we will always be thankful! It seems to pay out at a lightning pace for us, and we almost wondered if we had accidentally entered in a cheat code to win lots of money. It should be said that it is not that interesting otherwise, however. If you like games that have a little more substance to them, some intricacies to the way you bet, and things of that nature, this game isn't going to excite you there. This game is only for people that want gold, need it now, and probably won't be playing it for too long at any one time!