Metal Detector Slots

Metal Detector slot game is hands-down one of the strangest themed games we have ever seen. It is named after something that we all tend to avoid when going to the airport, and features an odd collection of items that we would not normally even considered to be part of metal detection. This strange theme is taken very seriously, however, leading to a lighthearted sense of fun in the same way a parody cartoon show would be. You can thank arrival gaming for another fun and frenetic lives here, impressing us in most ways, and never failing to be fun!

Even if the intricate and expressive theme were not part of this package, however, it appears well done enough that everyone would enjoy it. It has in RTP of 95%, which is absolutely amazing, and there is a reason that so many players read it so highly! Whether it is that very fact, the wonderful art style, the nice colors, or the cute little Parks and Recreation looking guy that is the title character, there is a lot to like here, and a lot that will make you smile.

If you are looking for a simple game, one that offers many free spins, has a interesting bonus round, and will let you bet as much or as little as you would like, then they thoroughly have you covered here. We still can't get over how strange this ends up, being almost like playing Napoleon Dynamite in slot form when it comes to how esoteric it really is for the online casino world. Other than that, however, we think it's lovely, and even that is absolutely fine as well!

What You Can Expect

The title of this game alone is enough to catch your attention. We're not sure we have ever heard of any game or saying in general based around this concept, and it keeps it all fun and interesting when you sit down to player it. They took a very offbeat approach to this, matched it with equally off the wall production values, and made a game that is so memorable that it would be hard actually to forget it!

You won't be dazzled by any strange game mechanics or complicated bonus rounds here. Everything is entirely focused on spinning really fast, getting lots of payouts, having some multipliers and free spins show up to keep things interesting, and getting a good return on your investment. You can go up to 2000 coins a spin, which is pretty decent in our book!

You can also be glad that you don't have to spend a lot of time wondering how all of the pay lines are going to pan out. Everything is kept somewhat simple by the inclusion of only 15 lines to bed on, which is a far cry from some of the more intricately done games that make that number goes skyhigh. Sure, it's fun sometimes to have an infinite number of lines that you could win money off, but that also makes it a lot more complicated to spin and bet. The simple presentation streamlines the whole experience, and we think personally it will result in you winning more money and I having to think about anytime you may want to spin!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we like everything we see about the game, and it usually ranks up there with one of the most interesting games we have played, there are still some things they could have done to make it all the more better. One of them is of course having a nice big jackpot for you, but we know that games can't have bonus rounds and jackpots at the same time in most cases. The developers would simply go broke, and we would hate to lose rival gaming!

Aside from that, we think that they could have added more interesting graphics around the title theme. We really enjoyed all the strange thing is that they came up with, even if some of them, like the treasure map, almost made no sense. Having suits of playing cards feels kind of lazy compared to the rest of that, however, and it would have been nice to see in that creativity present over every image we saw there as well.

General Style and Presentation

This game has the budget of a higher production value affair with the theme of a nice and comedic in the game. You don't usually see this combination, it is quite refreshing for that reason!

If you like rainbow colors, reds and yellows, then the color scheme will be a very good fit. This goes over absolutely everything, with some nice cool blues thrown in from time to time to round out the presentation. Even the user interface looks somewhat like it is mechanical, linked to some kind of metal detector itself. This all goes together wonderful, makes it feel like the developer really cared and going that extra mile, and lead to an overall good experience for players.

Summing Up the Game

Metal Detector Slots is a strange game with a lot of heart. It is based around a theme that almost makes no sense, has a quirky art style that is perfectly suited to it, and a nice fast sense of gameplay that will keep you buzzing through and winning. Players love this game, and it is rated very highly for a reason. Feel free to find out firsthand why it is one of the most popular games we have an offer. Rival gaming certainly does make a lot of very good games, but this is definitely one of the better ones. If you like bonus rounds, multipliers, and more free spins that you could shake a metal detecting stick out, then this game is a perfect fit, and you can get started immediately, if only you'll give it a click!