Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots

Even among the games that are licensed after feature films, very few of them actually have production values to match. They are usually a smattering of screenshots, strange bits, and other things that are off to look at, and feel somewhat cheap despite how expensive it probably was to acquire the rights for. Lost Secret of Atlantis, having no license at all, actually manages to look so good that it would make you wonder if it is based on a feature film! There is such care and attention to detail here that you'll actually wish you could see more of the characters them the limited time a slot game with allow.

Aside from the absolutely breathtaking underwater visuals, and the general theme surrounding it, if this is still a game to be reckoned with, no matter the genre. We were not expecting very much, but we had a wonderful time here and rival gaming's version of Atlantis, wishing we could move right on him, aside from the fact that it would be very wet!

Although there are a whole lot of things going forward in terms of jackpots, multipliers here go up to 1000 times, and free spins rain down like pollution poured into the ocean. They go all the way up to 75, and when you have them, you get triple the price is for every spin. This is a welcome feature that makes it more than just a free spin, it almost makes it seem like winning 75 free spins is better than a progressive jackpot! If you want to game that is fun to look at, find a player, and will fill your bank account up like an aquarium for money, this one is a good fit. It is a world all its own, has breathtaking visuals, and pays so well you'll wonder if it's broken!

What You Can Expect

We had actually thought that this was based on some kind of movie, book, or a video game. The quality of the graphics is so high that we figure there could be no other justification for it. This is not the case, however! Here, they simply put so much into it that it defies all expectation, and you will enjoy a high-quality set up production values that are entirely unique to themselves.

You can also expect game play to fly by pretty fast, and is mostly focused on the lack of chances you go. There is no progressive jackpot or any of that that thing of that nature to build up to, but instead, you will have what we are going to call super free spins that give you multipliers for your winnings while you get them. This is on top of a set of already tremendous multipliers, going up into the thousands. It is fun to land on that perfect match set up, and seeing just how far the multipliers can actually take you. It's addictive, beautiful, and we love it!

What They Could Have Improved

Although the visuals leave absolutely nothing to be desired, the multipliers are impressive to be sure, and everything comes together as a well produce package, we still do think that it could benefit from a smattering of small little bonus features to break up the monotony of long play sessions. Rival gaming isn't usually known for this, but we've seen it before, and know they are capable of it. A simple bonus round, for example, I would be a bit nice. It could be as simple as picking something to uncover a prize, but it would have broken up play sessions quite nicely. Everything else about the game is fine, and that's our main gripe. We would enjoy a tremendous jackpots, but given the nature of the multiplier is in the way free spins work, we don't particularly miss them here!

General Style and Presentation

This is one of the prettiest games you will find, rendered in for 3-D graphics, and having a high attention to detail. The graphics themselves are at once realistic and cartoony, and as you match them, are spin by in a very vivid fashion. It almost makes it feel like a feature film, alive, and it's definitely one of our favorite parts of the game. It also has a nice sense of underwater atmosphere that makes it feel like you are deep down under water and an ancient city, and in general, is very scenic.

The only thing we would change about the graphics is probably some of the background almonds. We do like what they did there, but would it have been nice to have more backgrounds as you play? Of course!

Summing Up the Game

Lost Secret of Atlantis Slots is a very impressive game that will blow you away with how well-made the graphics are, as well as just how high the multipliers and free spins can get. We have found nothing but good things to say about the game, find it to be absolutely lovely, and have a joyous time the longer we played it. If you are looking for a game that will be suited to short play sessions here and there, it fits the bill nicely. It can get somewhat monotonous during longer play sessions for the reasons we have gone over, but we don't think that that should stop you from giving it a try. It really is lovely, you'll have a wonderful time, and every last picture on the screen shows like it was made as a labor of love. Give it a try, give it a spin, and be sure to let us know what you think. We think this one is a gem hidden inside a clown for us, and have a feeling you will agree if you give it a long enough chance!