Loco 7's Slots

Loco 7's is a classic effort by rival gaming to spice up the old time slot genre. Although it may look like it's going to be a very simple and forgettable slot at first glance, having only three reels and not a whole lot of bells and whistle's, what it does have is so much character in enthusiasm that you want to don a sombrero yourself and start dancing or two Mexican theme music! It's a wonderful looking game with a lot of detail and thought put into it, and the main character is so well drawn that you may want to buy a T-shirt with his image on it!

Even without that, however, this is still an amazingly well done game that is fine for players of all kinds. If you are looking for something that is simple to sink your teeth into, this one is definitely a good fit. It only has one line to bet on, and not almost any bonus features to speak of. This makes things all about betting, spinning, and winning, which can get you up to 7500 coins back, and up to $75,000 in cash for a spin. This is a lot more than the simple game you play makes it look like, and will have you rapid fire spinning in hopes of hitting amount!

We had a blast with this one, not expecting to get so sucked into it, but being happy for that huge mustache sitting across the poncho and the sombrero of the wonderful character. Every time we made to spend, we found ourselves smiling, and we walked away with a decent pay out. Your mileage may vary, but player ratings of this can make it clear that this is one of the pays out very fairly. If you are looking to put down anywhere from a penny to $30 to spin, love Mexican imagery, and want a little creativity in the classic genre, this one is for you!

What You Can Expect

Unlike most classic games, this one takes its inspiration from old Time Vegas slots only in the gameplay, and it starkly ends right there. The imagery and character put into this game more of a very different sort, giving you a cultural take on what it would have been like to play a slot back in Mexico way back when. We love this kind of thing, and it's a shame you won't see anywhere else. We have seen some cute Mexican themed games, such as Mexican jumping beans, but this one definitely feels the most fun overall. The bars, the chili peppers, and the titular sevens all look absolutely great. They have a nice sort of zest of the graphics, and still fun to it spin on by.

Do not go in here expecting almost anything else from the game player than what you see on the screen, however! There is literally nothing else to this game but making a quick bet, only deciding how much to put down, and letting it all ride. This works for and against it, but we feel it makes for a fast pace time.

What They Could Have Improved

Although we love the inherent simplicity of the gameplay, we know this was so offputting for some players. There really isn't anything here to sink your teeth into, and once he played it for a little bit, you've pretty much seen everything there is to offer. The visuals are amazing, and will have you coming back for more, but there is nothing in the way of bonus rounds are interesting features to keep it entertaining in the game play sense. It pays out very often, we will give it back, but at least a little bit a bonus features could've gone a long way to breaking up the monotony of longer play sessions!

General Style and Presentation

Everything here looks like it was made by someone that has an authentic love a Mexican culture, probably coming from the region in itself. It does not make fun of what goes on South of the border, but instead, celebrates it, and makes it look amazing. This is not like Yosemite Sam, but more like a love letter to everything that makes Mexican culture spicy and unique. Whether it is the nice contrasting colors between the greens, red, and yellow's, or that perfectly done avatar with a mustache on the road, everything about this game is pixel perfect, and we have a hard time complaining about absolutely anything having to do with the way that it looks.

It is fun, fiendishly addictive, expressive, and a joy to see spin. You are in for a treat even if you watch a demo of this game, and as you play it, it's no wonder why this one is so popular!

Summing Up the Game

Loco 7's Slots is easily the most expressive and well drawn Mexican slot on the market. Although we do like some of the Lucha Libre slots that look absolutely wonderful as well, we find this one more enticing for us when it comes to the uniqueness of the style. We have never seen anything quite like this one before, and it is intriguing enough to keep us sitting down and admiring how well it works. They have nothing in the way of compelling gameplay features were jackpots, but it pays out more often at the same time. This is a nice relaxing game to play while doing other things, on your commute, or anywhere your mobile phone will give you access. We loved it, players feel it's a hit, and we think you will too! Give it a try, have a wonderful time, be nothing but smiles, and let it all ride on spin after wonderfully mariachi themed spin!