Eggstravaganza Slots

You'll notice that the art style in game is one of the most well done things we have seen in a long time. Everything looks like it was made in a sublet Japanese style with an American sensibility when it comes to the color. It is somewhat off kilter, but wonderfully done in the rainbow fashion, making for a very memorable look, and a wonderful experience!

Even if the game wasn't somewhat cuddly and cute, however, it would still have a lot going for it. High production values in general are always appreciated, at least to us, and the gameplay here is somewhat interesting given the offkilter nature of the way the reels all come together. Real time gaming made a good one when they did this, and we had a wonderful time as we played. You can get up to hundreds of times your bet thanks to the multipliers, all the way up to 2500! That's pretty good. Even the ones that don't go up all the higher are still great, however, and pay out fairly well, being as little as two or six, on average being 25 to 200, and even going up to 300 in between there. It's almost like there are just multipliers every which way, which make up the majority of the game!

You will have a wonderful time when you play this one, and that is only because of how well the graphics on the gameplay come together. The theme to this one around the holiday, but even without that, it would still hold its own. We think that everyone will be in for a surprise when a game or something like Easter actually ends up being good. We recommend it heartily to anyone, even if you are the kind of person that hates holidays, and finds yourself mostly in these for the money!

What You Can Expect

From the moment you start this game, the first thing you're probably going to do is notice just how pink and bright and colorful all the graphics are! It is a wonder that any screen can even contain all of these colors, it really going all the way to the edge in the gamut. They focus a little more on the yellows than the greens, but really, everything is present here, and it all looks like a mixture of rainbows and candy. If you're not into being happy, we can see how that would be a problem, but for everyone else that is sane, you'll love this one!

That said, the way the game plays is almost automatic. There are only three reels, and nothing to do with betting mechanics, and on top of that, the reels don't entirely lineup, which makes for a somewhat interesting mechanic as you go. You won't know what you're winning it first thanks to how novel this is, but you'll soon understand how it all works after a few spins. Even if you didn't, the game keeps track of it for you, so there's nothing to worry about, and it's not like you're going to miss having won something!

What They Could Have Improved

Although I like classic games, personally, we could have done without the offkilter nature of the reels. Technically this does give you more chances to win a match there, but we actually find it somewhat strange, and I don't entirely understand it and the way that it works. We're pretty sure we know, haven't played a bunch, but it probably says something that we have to think about it to verify that. It would've been nice to have a more standard style of gameplay when it came to that, which would leave no ambiguity to the player.

On top of that, there really aren't all that many things here to do other than just make a single spin. You can strategically place your parents with the lines, or anything of that nature. It really is hitting a button over and over, which granted a lot of games are, but it is even more obvious here with this one. This is not necessarily bad, but don't go into this one expecting to be blown away with how intricate the game play is!

General Style and Presentation

This is a colorful rainbow cornucopia of awesome. We have never written that before, but it really is the most apt description of what they've done here. If you like rainbows, happiness, and Easter candy, that pretty much sums up the way this game looks. It manages to come by in the past elements of all those things, leaves nothing that you wouldn't want to the game at that time, it will make you smile while at the same time making you somewhat hungry for some of the things he will see you on the images that flash by!

It should be said that the background looks somewhat different than the images themselves that you will spin, but they all still look good. It has a very nice, rustic general vibe to it with a nice holiday spin.

Summing Up the Game

Eggstravaganza Slots is one of the only games about Easter that we have played in the online slot world, and certainly one of the happiest games we have played in general. We can't think of anything that we could've done to make this game brighter and more colorful, them seemingly having used it all possible color combinations to do just that. It looks wonderful, it plays pretty well, and you are in for a decent time. The only thing holding this one back is this on my rudimentary game play, and often jolted nature of the reels as they flashed by. You'll still win quite a bit, however, and at times, it almost seems as if the game is waiting for you, and you're simply sitting back and raking in the money!